In Our Hearts – Laura Watrous – August 2013

A cup of coffee, a quite spot, preferably in the sun, the bible or other theological book by my side.  My perfect devotional experience.

Except that is never, ever, the way life works.  At least not when you have young kids.  I rarely get to go to the bathroom alone, even less contemplate the nature of God and get in tune with the Holy Spirit.

Mostly, I find these opportunities the way I do most things with kids.  Sometimes by scheduling and multitasking, but mostly by responding to the regular progression of life.

Believe me, I have tried to do without contemplation and the Holy Spirit. Through hardship, nagging doubt, the realization that I am insufficient to the task without divine intervention, I am pulled, pushed, called back to my maker. Through joy, beauty, and the expression of love only your child can show you, I am wooed, assured, overwhelmed by my God.

I fuel these moments by studies with a small group or a theological book from the library, but mostly, I rely on God to meet me where I am.  Honestly, it reminds me that I cannot and do not need to do it on my own, something I rely on every day.

If you want to encourage a parent, here are a few ideas: You could give them a quiet time of contemplation by helping with nursery. You could appreciate out loud how awesome God made their child. You could invite them to a small group or prayer group. You could offer to babysit so they can be alone with God (or the bathroom) for a while. Whatever you might choose, know that God is using you to meet us, and for that, we are very grateful!

Laura Watrous


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