"Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work
and build up the church, the body of Christ." 
(Ephesians 4:12 NLT)

Mark Mohrlang, Co-Pastor

(206) 919-4053

Mark is a gifted musician who is passionate about community and worshipping God. Mark has been involved in numerous bands, the most recent of which is The Opiate Mass. He received his M.Div from Fuller Theological Seminary and is ordained in the CRC. Mark has a growing passion to see the church understand the the value and significance of their work (whether office, home, or school) as it is the primarily place where we live out our faith. To that end he is a Regional Coordinator for the Made To Flourish Network, and leads a cohort with the Cascade Fellows. Mark is married to Summer and they have two red-heads: Allister & Amelia.



Summer Mohrlang, Co-Pastor

(206) 478-7520

Summer is a gifted communicator with a heart to see the church grow in intimacy with Jesus and engagement with their neighbors.  She is an Air-Force brat, and Air-Force vet, received her M.Div from Fuller Theological Seminary, and is ordained in the CRC.  In addition to preaching, Summer is currently overseeing our community groups, and is passionate about helping people develop healthy spiritual rhythms to life.  She's married to Mark, the mother to Allister & Amelia, and the resident green-thumb of the Mohrlang family.



Randy Rowland, Network Pastor

(206) 953-0909

Randy is the founding pastor of Sanctuary and is involved in developing and supporting church plants regionally and bi-nationally in the Christian Reformed Church. Randy has worked in five different church settings, including two church plants and at Seattle's University Presbyterian Church. Randy holds undergraduate degrees from Pacific Lutheran University and People's Bible Institute. He also holds Masters and Doctoral degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary. Randy has a deep interest in music, movies and sports and how all of these aspects of popular culture can be explored to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Randy is married to Nancy Rowland and has two children, Rachel & Andy. He is an avid scuba diver, reader, movie-goer and boater. He is also the stadium voice for the NFL Seattle Seahawks. Randy is author of two books: Get A Life and The Sins We Love and co-author with Lyle Schaller of Center City Churches.



Reba Jacobs, Director of Children's Ministry

Reba is tasked with coordinating the making of our smallest disciples.  Over the past 6 years, Sanctuary's children's ministry has grown from 2 or 3 kids on a Sunday to several dozen kids.  Reba coordinates and leads a team of dedicated parents and volunteers who are following Jesus' word about letting the little ones come to him.  She is married to Jeremy, and the mother to Caleb & Silas.


Heather C

Heather Cowden, Ministry Coordinator

Heather keeps us all organized, helps keep our communication up-to-date, helpful and timely, and handles many other details.  She is married to Stephen, and is the mother of Olivia.



Kiri Horton, Green Bean Manager

Kiri is passionate about people and coffee and loves the coffeeshop setting where coffee acts as a catalyst for community.  She is the most friendly and caring person you'll ever meet and is a blessing to the staff and every customer who walks through the door.  She uses all the extra energy she acquires drinking coffee all day biking, running and doing all things active.  Ask her about Iceland sometime.



Drew Dixon, Pastoral Intern

Drew is pursuing an M.Div degree at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology and will be our intern for the 2016-2017 school year!  He will assist in leading worship, be a part of our preaching team, serve as the Spiritual Formation Leader for our Wednesday community group, and will be learning and leading in a variety of other ways as well.  We are excited to see him grow, and to experience God working through him!  You should take him out for coffee.



Sanctuary is a Council led church.  This means we have a Council made of both elders (lay leaders) and pastors who provide leadership, vision and direction.

Our Council gathers twice a month.  One gathering is devoted to the ‘business’ of running the church, the other to the spiritual health and well-being of these leaders. Our meetings are open and any suggestions and feedback for the Sanctuary Council are welcome and may be directed to any one of our team members.

Sanctuary Elders
Jennifer Geelhood - Outreach
Melanie Haagsma - Hospitality
Tammie Haulter - Children & Youth
Caity Honig - Green Bean
Lorelle Jabs - Hospitality and Discipleship
Jeremy Jacobs - Clerk
Heather Kaemingk - Worship
Jeremy Schertzinger - Support Services
Laura Watrous - President

New members of Council are nominated and elected at yearly congregational meetings to replace those elders who have completed their terms. Terms for elders typically last 3 years.  To nominate a member as an elder – email Laura.

Elder Resources