worship on sunday
kids singing at church
Baptism of Maya

God is too big to be contained to one day of the week.

However, we find it incredibly valuable (not to mention biblical) to meet together on a weekly basis for worship, teaching, prayer, fellowship, and breaking bread together.  We celebrate communion every Sunday.  We value the Bible (read, sung, and preached).  We love and follow Jesus.  We value creativity.  We love & serve our kids & neighbors.


Kids & Youth


Sunday Morning Worship

Here's what you can expect:

  • Someone to greet you,
  • Fantastic coffee,
  • Some old songs, some new songs,
  • Time to pray and listen,
  • A chance to respond in gratitude with our life and resources,
  • A sermon that brings together our worlds with the world of the Bible,
  • Time to converse with new friends, and connect with old friends,
  • A chance to encounter God; Father, Son, & Holy Spirit, as the one who loves and forgives us and leads us as our Lord and Savior.

Dress is casual, the community (aged brand-new to down-right old) is warm, and the coffee is excellent. If you'd like, you can check out some of our music and sermons. In many ways, our time together in worship on Sundays is but a taste, a dress rehearsal if you will, of the ways we hope to respond to God throughout the rest of our weeks, in the other 6 days.

Kids: We have a growing kids ministry here at Sanctuary. For more info, please check out the kids & youth link above.

Parking is free at Fred Meyer, and at All That Dance (320 N 85th St) and on side streets all day.  There is a PAID parking lot immediately to the north of Taproot Theatre accessed from Palatine.  Cost is $3/hour and can only be paid by cell phone.  Please do not park in any slot designated as ‘Reserved.’